Gluten Free, with Ancient Grains and Chicken for Small Breed Adults 3kg

Available at Petbarn and City Farmers. To order please see link below in product description.
20.00 KGS



SavourLife’s Gluten Free with Ancient Grains range is an all-natural, holistic, Australian-made, gluten-free food with natural superfood inclusions like chicory, kelp and blueberries.  It's bursting with single-source Australian meat plus vitamins, minerals, natural prebiotics and amino acids.  It contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Made specifically for small breeds dogs, it has:

  1. 1.       Smaller kibble (approximately 33% smaller)
  2. 2.       Made with Australian Chicken
  3. 3.       Premium palatability
  4. 4.       Protein, fat, calorie and mineral levels specifically tailored for small dog development



Dog Weight (kg)          grams/day:

1 to 5                          22-85g

5 to 10                        85-135g

10 to 20                      135g-230g

20 to 35                      230g-385g

35kg +                       385g + 90g for every additional 10kg in weight