Essentials Puppy Chicken 15kg

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15.00 KGS

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The first months of a puppy’s life is crucial to their long-term health and well-being. Puppies require more nutrients and energy than older dogs to help them grow into the best dog they can be. With all the healthy vitamins, minerals, nutrients and DHA GOLD known to assist in neurologic development, while also assisting retina development in growing puppies. SavourLife Essentials Chicken with Veggies & Rice for Puppies is an all-natural, Australian-made and Owned food, made with premium Australian Chicken, the perfect meat for puppy’s sensitive tummies, making it the perfect food for your puppy!



Chicken Meal, Chickpeas, Oats, Wheat, Poultry Oil, Sorghum, Natural Flavouring, Rice, Alfalfa, Vitamins & Minerals & Amino Acids, Sea Salt, Fish Oil, Seasonable Vegetable Mix, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Chicory Root (Natural Prebiotic), Natural Antioxidants (including Rosemary Extract and Green Tea), DHA GOLD.


Feeding Guide

Dog Age 0-4 months: Dog Weight (kg) = grams/day: 1 to 5kg = 50-135g, 5 to 10kg = 135-215g, 10 to 20kg = 215-375g, 20 to 35kg = 375-600g, 35kg+ = 600g + 145g for every additional 10kg over 35kg.

Dog Age 4-8 months: Dog Weight (kg) = grams/day: 1 to 5kg = 48-115g, 5 to 10kg = 115-180g, 10 to 20kg = 180-315g, 20 to 35kg = 315-540g, 35kg+ = 540g + 125g for every additional 10kg over 35kg.

Dog Age 8-12 months: Dog Weight (kg) = grams/day: 1 to 5kg = 45-95g, 5 to 10kg = 95-145g, 10 to 20kg = 145-250g, 20 to 35kg = 250-475g, 35kg+ = 475g + 100g for every additional 10kg over 35kg